International Connections SP 2010

Here was the International  Connections website from Spring 2010

International Connections –

international conversations between students at Eastern Connecticut State University, United States of America, in the Last Green Valley, Connecticut and university students in other nations

Spring 2010 projects –

N. I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod, Russia – Vytaly Chaschin – connections – 

CultureQuest projects on Russia


Skill to Earn Program (STEP) – Nepal – Basudev Lamichhane – connections –

CultureQuest projects on Nepal!99495BC7FAB8DE42!175/


University of Mascara, Algeria – Safir Kassim – connections –

 CultueQuest projects on Algeria–leading-edge-technology-spring-2010/culture-quest-projects/index-page 


National Kaohsiung Marine University – Hsiao-chien (Marian) Lee – connections –

CultureQuest projects on Taiwan

If you have questions on this site,

please contact David Stoloff, Professor, Eastern Connecticut State University –

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