initial planning

To those who might want to participate in this project, designed to connect students and their teachers in post-secondary education throughout the world for a discussion on education and future planning, here are some notes on this evolving project on international and cross-cultural exchanges using Web 2.0 tools – a blogspace, online survey, powerpoint presentations posted in ePortfolios, video clips, …. 

After Spring 2011, we are exploring the use of a FaceBook group on international and cross-cultural education to encourage these global discussions.  Students in my classes at Eastern Connecticut State University use FaceBook as their homepages.  I am thinking that it might be a better platform for encouraging collaborations.  Either click on the link above or try to connect by clicking on this longer link –!/home.php?sk=group_206409209382175

During Spring 2011, using , I contacted those in post-secondary education who were interested in collaborating during the first week of 2011.  In a few days, I heard from faculty members in Turkey, China, Catalonia (Spain),  and Madrid (Spain). 

We began this website for a Spring 2011 project located at   

About pre-survey and post-survey, I would suggest that we develop a series of Likert-scale statement based on concepts from

 THE GALLUP ORGANIZATION (December 2007).� Intercultural dialogue in Europe: Summary. Retrieved from .


European Commission (September 2007).  Special Eurobarometer 278:� European Cultural Values.  Retrieved from .

 I started a survey to see if we would be able to use it with international students to gather attitudinal information.  We will add lots more questions and topics but it would be good to see if this platform would work for you.  Please click on the attached link and let me know if it would work for you and your students.


Would your students be able to open a document like the following from last year’s project, for example, –
 that might represent a student’s understanding of the geography of another nation, from their internet research?  Would your students be able to develop and share on the internet similar presentations about Connecticut and the United States?


 If you would like to participate in this international connections project, please leave a comment below.
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