ConnectED 2019

ConnectED: Birds-of-a-Feather Virtual Meet-Up for Teacher Educators and Their Future Teachers

A Virtual Global Conversation Planned for Thursday, September 26, 2 pm (GMT-4) –

Participants will be encouraged to connect via the Google Hangout at

as part of the September 2019 Global Collaboration Week events.

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A registration form for ConnectED 2019 is found at

This global meet-up is designed for  teacher educators and their future teachers who would to develop global collaborations.  Professor David Stoloff at Eastern Connecticut State University will briefly discuss his experiences connecting with other global teacher education programs as archived at .  Participants will be encouraged to discuss their experiences with global collaborations and their aspirations for future projects.  We will also discuss the uses of Google Hangouts,  Google Forms for gathering information, and wordpress for establishing a web presence for a project.

Participants’ information through registration –

David Stoloff
Kristin Edwards
Silke Grafe
Karen Leonard
Magda Nišponská
Alena Maskaeva
Email addresses:
School or University
Eastern Connecticut State University
University of Wuerzburg, Germany
Oklahoma Department of Education
Technival University of Liberec, Faculty of Education, Dept. of Psychology
Lyceum #33
Interests in Global Collaborations with 
connecting undergraduates future teachers to their global peers and to classrooms throughout the world
PK-12th grade classrooms around the world
initial teacher education programmes at universities and schools
prof. Kenneth Elliott – coordinator of the Project “Collaborative online International teaching” with University of Maine at Augusta,
Prior Successful Experiences with Global Collaborations:
Chinese Culture University – Eastern Connecticut State University project
…mostly simple global connections (such as Mystery Skype) but I would love to make more global COLLABORATIONS this year.
virtual exchange between German and US teacher students about media education and digital propaganda
University of Maine at Augusta – Collaborative teaching 9 yrs.
I am a MIE Eexpert and one of five Russian Skype Master Teachers