eCCU-ECSU global connections

electronic Chinese Culture University – Eastern Connecticut State University global connections

a virtual presentation during the Global Education 2015 Virtual Conference,

opening songs –


on Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 8 am Eastern time =  Wednesday, Nov. 18, 9 pm near Taipei

presenters – David Stoloff, Professor, Education Department, Eastern Connecticut State

and Julie Chen, Assistant Professor, Department of English Language and Literature
Chinese Culture University –


  1.   Introductions of participants – use chat function
  2.   Use of ePals –
  3.    First year students at Chinese Culture University and Eastern Connecticut State University, plus some Eastern 2nd and 3rd year students –
  4. a presentation by Professor Julie Chen – Global Ed Conf pres JChen 111815
  5.  Global connections started in early November 2015
  6.  Grouped by 5 CCU and 5 Eastern students – encouraged to contact the entire group at first and then explore individual connections using university email addresses and other addresses
  7. Assignments – 750 words documenting connections, powerpoint or video production, and 1,000 word reflection on the experience
  8. Challenges – email addresses may be inaccurate, other commitments – midterms – hinder initial connections, students prefer other forms of connection
  9. Unanticipated outcomes – student interest in using Facebook, eagerness to friend, some students do not use social media, some students hesitate due to privacy issues, use of voice transmission in Facebook to connect
  10. Cultural similarities or differences, attitudes about using information from the internet without attribution, historic times for CCU, reviewing geography and the relationship between China, Taiwan, and the USA, whether the students include faculty in the discussions, scheduling issues due to time and school calendars
  11. Next steps – encouraging more global connections – consider joining the International Society for Technology in Education’s Global Connections Professional Learning Network –ISTE Global Collaboration PLN (Conflict Copy)

closing song –


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