Ethnic/Cultural Studies

Ethnic/Cultural Studies

Links to reports on how ethnic/cultural aspects of individuals and groups influence their reactions to societal institutions, including schools.

Sam – what are the ethnic/cultural influences on weddings?

Sam – life in Afghanistan

Alanna – review of cultural/ethnic dietary restrictions and preferences

Katie – exercise in different cultures

Elise – how other cultures view women in sports

Brittny – dancing across cultures

Evan – media across cultures

Taylor – education in Italy

Matt – sports across different ethnic groups

Holly – cultural differences in math achievement and why

Kacey – cultural differences in physical education

Katie-Lynne – pre-schools across cultures

Nicolle – perceptions of women in the media

Mackenzie – cultural differences in psychology

Kelsey – ethnic/womens’ role in theater

Jaime – immunizations across cultures

Christina – eating habits in different cultures

Danielle – use of technologies across cultures

Diana – media across cultures

Dan – music across culture

Alex – birthday celebrations across cultures

Allessia – English language learning across cultures


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