China – Hangzhou

Brittany – Education in Hangzhou

Madelyn – Sports in Hangzhou

Holly – Food in Hangzhou

Alexis – Special Education in China

Sara – Behaviorial disabilities in Hangzhou

Kelsey – Business in China

Niketa – Chinese Authors

Christina – Music in China

Jesse R. – Architecture in China

Lauren A. – Medicine in China

Lauren H. – Art in Hangzhou

Jessica S. – Tourist Attractions in China

Students of Professor Hanwei Luo, Hangzhou Dianzi University, developed this presentation on Altanta, Georgia:


37 Responses to China – Hangzhou

  1. Hanwei Luo says:

    Hello, everybody. I am from Hangzhou Dianzi University. You can know more about it on this website if you speak chinese. If not, please browse this website I am really glad that so many of you are interested in my country–China, especially the city where I live. I am quite willing to answer your questions. I wish you a pleasant and fruitful research on Chinese culture.

    • Hi Hanwei Luo,

      As you suggested, I went under the English-Language website of your school and noticed under Schools and Departments that there are varities of Speciatlies, Departments and Schools. What are you part of?

      Hope to hear from you!

    • Niketa Mehta says:

      Hanwei Luo?

      Ni hao ma? Wo Jiao Niketa. I am currently taking Chinese I this semester and it would be a pleasure to interact with you in your native language. I think the Chinese language is hard to learn, but beautiful.

      Zai jian,

      • Ling says:

        Ni Hao!Oh,it’s so great !My name is Ling and I’m a student of HanWei’class.It’s so amazing to hear that you are learning Chinese!It’s seems that your Chinese is very good and interesting!We all will be glad to keep in touch with you in these beautiful languages and make friends with your.It’s so wonderful,isn’t it?
        He Ni Liao Tian Fei Chang Yu Kuai!(It’s nice to talk with you!)
        Xie Xie! Zai Jian!
        Hope to hear you again!

        By Ling

  2. Hanwei Luo says:

    Hello, Christina,

    I work for School of International Studies, known as School of Foreign Languages in the past, teaching English, and American Society and Culture to non-English majors. Most of my students major in sceince and technology and English is one of their compulsory courses. I hope they can improve their English and understanding of America by communication with you.

    All the best.


    • Hello Hanwei,

      That is great for what you do! I am impressed that countries outside of America is interested in getting to know more about America and learn English as well. That is good to know and great way to make connections with the outside world. Let me know if you have any questions at all! I will be glad to help. I would love to hear from those students from your class.

      Have a great day!


      • zhanghong says:

        hello Christina ,
        My name is ZhangHong , a student of hanwei . You can also call me Shaun . Yeah, maybe just as you guess , it is just the name of the little sheep in“Shaun The Sheep”. I like that lovely sheep.Yuhuan ,Zhejiang is my hometown ,a town by the sea but now I study in Hangzhou . I love Hangzhou , it’s a beautiful city. Cartoon is my favor, such as ice age , Ratatouille . Sometimes I feel myself just like the bull of Ferdinand , not interested in fighting but in flower, in something I like not I should like . Also I like making friends.

        I look forward to your reply.


        • Hi ZhangHong,

          It is nice to hear from you. I hope you are having a great time in Hanwei’s class. I heard from my friends about “Shaun The Sheep” and said it is a funny cartoon television show. I will have to see it sometime. So, do you travel to school in Hangzhou and go home in the other town? What do you do in Yuhuan town by the sea? I like the movie Ice Age and Ratatouille too! I also like the other cartoon movies like Avatar and Over the Hedge. I like other type of movies too.

          At the top of the page, there is a link for Music in China that I created. You can check it out when you have time. What kind of music do you like?

          Hope to hear from you!

          • zhanghong says:

            Hi Christina,

            So glad to hear from you . Now is 5 o’clock at pm, March 18 . What’s the time in America ? Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang and it locates in the north but Yuhuan is in the south . So usually I go to school on February 20 after spring festival . And during the term I go back home for once or twice. Then the summer vacation which is nearly two months comes. At that time I will go back home to enjoy the holiday with my family and sometimes we do some travelling.
            Avatar is so popular in china last year. While my favorite American movie is “sleepless in Seattle” . I believe that magic.
            I have read the performance you did .It has a simple but good summary of Chinese classical music. Among these I like erhu (in Chinese “二胡”) most, for its melodious sound and slow rhythm. So usually I listen to some music with slow and light rhythm .I hope these will help you.
            Best wishes.

            • Zhanghong,

              Sorry for being late in replying. Right now it is 2:20pm on April 26th, 2011. What do you do in the spring festival? Sounds like fun and exciting. Summer vacation is always fun to see friends, take trips and more. But school also can be fun as well. Where would you go when you and your family travel? I sometimes go to different state and visit friends with my family or we would go to a new place to have a vacation somewhere new. I love that movie, Avatar, and that is very very interesting that it is popular in China. I didn’t realize it was as popular in China too. I took your advice, and went in further about erhu and really liked the melody as well.
              Hope all is well with your education.

              • zhanghong says:

                Christina ,
                I also feel Sorry for being late in replying . Because I had waited for nearly one month but no any respons at all, so I thought you might on longer work on it ,then unfortunately I missed your massage .
                I’m glad to tell you something about I do in spring festival . When winter holiday begins ,it also means spring festival is just around the corner, so many people go home from this city to that, and the traffic can make you crazy . In spring festival , we enjoy big dinner and fireworks with my family ,it is quite interesting. Also we greet our relatives , friends to show our best wishes for the next year. At that time ,so many people get together to share a dinner , play mahjong ,talk about things happened last year and Look to the future. I like these moments, full of careness. We family once visit Beijing, I like it with long history and so many stories. It is very nice to visit the ancient buildings and stories behind them can be so beautiful. Maybe haveing a travel in China can be a good idea .
                Hope for your reply.
                – ZhangHong

  3. Lauren H says:

    Hello Hanwei,
    My Name is Lauren and I am a Freshman. I was just wondering how is Teaching in China ? What kind of students do you have? What is the age group ?
    Lauren H

    • Wang Xiaohui says:

      Hi Lauren,
      My name is Wang Xiaohui and I’m a student of Hanwei’s .Also you can just call me Faith.Now it’s my second year in Hangzhou Dianzi University.Here,I major in Human Resource Management which is a popular job position in China.I choose it because I like to get along with people around me.This term we have many classes,like English,math,PE and many professional courses.Like yours,we can discuss in the class and we sometimes need to give a repoet or make ppt file to show what we have learnt.To be honest,I’m not very talkative.So when it’s my turn to do the report ,I will feel a little nervous.Also,our weekends are wounderfull,now it’s springtime in China and the weather is quite fine.We will go to the West Lake for sightseeing or have a picnic in the open air.So what’s your school life like?
      Hope to hear from you

      • Lauren H says:

        Hey Faith
        Sorry I haven`t written to you i was on spring break from school. I find your major very interesting. It okay dont worry about being nervous it is a little nerve racking to meet new people even thou it is just online.

        Lauren H

  4. Jessica R says:

    That’s really ineteresting. I am really excited to communicate with the students and learn more about China!


    • zhanghong says:

      Hi Jessica,
      Nice to meet you. I am Zhan Hong, from China. I also like this way to communicate with someone from a different culture. It is interesting. And what do you want to know about China?

    • Li jiao says:

      Hello Jessica,
      I am a Chinese student from Hanwei’s class. You can just call me “xixi”. ^^ You say you want to learn more
      about China, i am glad to help you! I’am also interested in American culture!^^ So,we can communicate with
      each other.

  5. someroj says:

    Hello Hanwei Luo,

    How are you?
    How is the weather in China? What do you do in your free time?

    I look forward to getting to know you!

  6. Hanwei Luo says:

    Hi, Jess,

    Nice to meet you.
    I am quite well. Thanks. The weather here is also quite fine, with the sun shining and temperature pleasant. Flowers are blooming, and trees and grass getting green.
    As to my free time, actually, I am usually very busy for I always have a heavy load of work to do. So I usually answer your questions deep at night or certainly your daytime since we have a jetlag of about 12 hours. But when I am free, I like to read news on the Internet via computer or my cellphone, watch TV, and do some sports like playing Pingpong (table tennis in your words), badminton, etc.
    Best wishes for your happy study.


    • someroj says:

      Hello Hanwei,

      I love playing Pingpong, I played last night with some of my friends in their dorm room. Do you have any questions for us?

      • Qiaojiao Yao says:

        Hello, someroj,
        I’m Qiaojiao Yao and you can also call me Alisha, a student coming from Hanwei Luo’s class. I want to know something about your school life and what will you usually do in your holidays?
        All the best.

        • someroj says:

          Hello Alisha!

          What part of school life do you have questions about? I live at school and have a lot of free time here. In my free time I study or do homework. I also work-out and play sports with my friends. I am currently taking 5 classes. My classes are: Leading Edge in Education Technology, Intro to Theatre Arts, Introduction to Woman’s Studies, History and Macroeconomics. I want to major in Economics and Elementary Education. I live on campus and love being here. My classes are on a variety of topics, to help me become a well-rounded person.

          During the holiday seasons, what I do depends on the season. In the winter holiday season, I go sledding with my neighbors and my sisters. We drink hot chocolate and hang out after playing in the snow. The holiday season, to me, means family time. I see my family all the time and we celebrate holidays with my entire family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents). For the 4th of July (Independence Day) we have a picnic and watch fireworks at night. During Halloween, we carve pumpkins into cool designs and cook the pumpkin seeds to eat. In my family, on someone’s birthday, we go out to eat dinner as a family. Then we eat birthday cake, then they open their presents.

          If they is any other holidays you want to know about let me know.

          I hope this helps!

          • Qiaojiao Yao says:

            Hello Jess,
            I ‘m so happy to hear from you ! It’s so kind of you to tell me all the details. In my mind you must be a warmhearted person and you have a big family which is filled with happiness, right? The holidays you have mentioned make me eager for, especially the Halloween, it must be interesting . In China, we also have all kinds of holidays and the Spring Festival is the most important one. During that time we will go back home no matter where we are and get together with our families. On the Spring Festival’s Eve, we will seat ourselves at a large round table and have a big dinner, at the same time watching the Spring Festival Gala Evening on TV together, we also have displays of fireworks and enjoy a happy time with our families and friends. Then for the next several days we will meet our relatives and friends.

            Your school life is so colorful, you said you want to major in Economics and Elementary Education, actually I know little about the Elementary Education, can you tell me something about this? I’m a sophomore in Hangzhou Dianzi University, majoring in Human Resourse Management and I want to be a successful HR in the future. This term we have a lot of specialized course and I should do more reading to expand my horizon.
            It’s spring now, the scenery of Hangzhou is very beautiful, there are various flowers , green trees around us. During the sunny weekend I will go out for a picnic or just take a walk outside, it is very comfortable. If you have any questions please let me know.
            Best wishes!

            • JessS says:

              Hello Alisha!

              I was on spring break so I didn’t get the chance to write back for a week. I love my family, my family isn’t huge but we are average size for American families, and we are very close. Halloween in America is especially fun when you are younger, when you dress up and go around to houses and ask for candy. When you are older, you give candy to young children who dress up and ring your door bell. Spring Festival seems fun and interesting.
              Spring Festival Gala Evening, what is on TV? Is there music or movies or something like that? It sounds like New Years Eve when we gather with family and friends and literally count down until the new year comes.

              Elementary education is teaching younger kids, grades kindergarten up until 5th grade, an elementary education teacher teaches one of these grades. Usually ages of these grades are from 5-about 10. I am not sure what type of schooling you would call this. I would teach basic math, science, reading, and other subjects similiar to this.
              When is your school year over? We get out May 20th which is after we take our exams. Also where is your school located? In a big city or an average town or somewhere different?

              • Qiaojiao Yao says:

                Hello Jess,
                Just as you said, the Spring Festival’s Eve is similar to the New Years Eve, but for we Chinese it’s more important and ceremonious. It’s our traditional festival and we regard it as a begining of the year, we have a lot of wishes for the new year and believe all will get better. The Lantern Festival marks the end of the celebrations of the Chinese New Year, and it’s on the 15th day of the 1st lunar month. As for the Spring Festival Gala Evening, there are many shows, just like singing, dancing, opusculum, cross talk, magic, national music and so on.
                Our school—Hangzhou Dianzi University is located in the east of Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province. Do you know something about Hangzhou? It’s a very beautiful city with the tourist attraction—West Lake, which has different scenery in different seasons, attracting many visitors every year. How is about your school? My school life consists of two parts, usually from February to the begining of July, our summery holiday will lasts about two months, then we start a new term from September to the middle of January and our winter holiday is about a month. During our school life we will have some small holidays as well. Now the Tomb-sweeping Day(we call it QingMing, meaning pure and bright, is the day for mourning the dead) is coming and we will have a public holiday, together with weekends it’s three days. I will go back home during that time.

  7. Hello Hanwei,

    Based on my powerpoint that I created, the topic was about Music in China. I am curious about what type of common music that you hear often with adults and students?

  8. Lauren H says:

    Hey Hanwei,
    my name is Lauren. What kind of activities do you like to do? what is your school like?

    • Ling says:

      Hello Lauren H,
      my name is ling, and you can call me Amy.I am a student of Hanwei’s class. As you know,Hanwei is a kind teacher
      and we all like him very much. Well, I’d like to answer your question and keep in touch with you,if you don’t mind.As far
      as I know,Hanwei is busy with his work ,however, maybe he is willing to read newspaper and pay attention to some news,
      because he likes talking some hot news with us. In addition, according to my guess, he enjoys doing some exercise and listening to music,and so forth,haha.
      Well, our school is beautiful and neat. We all study here and make friends with different people.It’s a brilliant campus.I
      really be willing to send you some pictures about our school, if conditions allow.
      I hope this helps!
      Best wishes for you!

      • Lauren H says:

        Hey Ling,
        I am glad you like Hanwei. My classmates and I really like our teacher as well. Are school very very pretty as well i just wish it was a little warmer here.
        hope to talk to you soon,
        Lauren H

    • ling6 says:

      Hello Lauren H, my name is ling,and you can call me Amy.I’m a student from Hanwei’s class,Hanwei is kind,you know,and we all like him very much.Well,maybe I can answer some of your questions and I really hope you’ll like them.
      As far as I know,Hanwei is busy with his own work and maybe he has no time to do many things he likes.However,according to my guess,Hanwei enjoys reading newspaper and paying attention to some news.Because he often tells us some hot news and leads us to think more.I regard it as a meaningful matter and I like it very much.It’s seems so interesting, you see.
      Our university is beautiful and brilliant.We study here everyday and make friends with various people.We love making friends and therefore,it’s amazing to get in touch with your. But it’s so good! Well, I hope these will help.
      Best wishes!

  9. Qiaojiao Yao says:

    Hello Lauren,
    My name is YAO Qiaojiao, maybe it’s too hard for you to read it, so you can just call me Alisha. Now I will show you something about our school——Hangzhou Dianzi University. It’s located in the east of Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province. Our school is famous for it’s electronic and information science, also it is an institution of higher learning that offers multiple disciplines of engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law and education.
    In my mind, our school has a very beautiful scenery, there are all kinds of flowers,trees and grass, wherever you go you can enjoy a happy time and have a good atmosphere for study, especially it’s spring now.We also have our symbolic buildings, just like the library ,the entrance door, the stadium and the “Wending” square, the are all splendid and distinctive. If you want to know more about our school you can search the website “” I hope you will like our school.
    All the best.

  10. crystal_lin says:

    this summer ,i will have a chance to work with a group of American students from WPI.I was so nervous how to have a good time with them . Maybe some of you can tell me something important for me to notice,for example,tabu,Expecially about the daily life. And which theme the American students are interested??

  11. Amy says:

    I am Amy. I am a mathematics and secondary education major and i am really interesting in athletics and sports. What are they like in China?

  12. Dear Participants in International and CrossCultural Education, Eastern Connecticut State University:

    Thank you for participating in this international discussion. Our semester at Eastern CSU is heading to its closing so this class will not be using this blogspace for discussion much after May 11, 2011. We hope to have another class interested in international discussions starting during summer 2011.

    We have enjoyed the online discussion and getting to know you. I am thinking that an even more direct way to support an international discussion would be to use FaceBook. Would that work for you?

    I have developed a FaceBook group called International and CrossCultural Education, Eastern CSU at!/home.php?sk=group_206409209382175

    Please consider joining that group and continuing the discussion with this spring 2011 class. There should be another class in the summer for further discussions.

    We hope to hear from you again soon.

    David Stoloff, Professor, Education
    Eastern Connecticut State University

  13. lathamkelsey says:

    My name is Kelsey Latham and I am very interested to get a chinese perspective on how you feel about your country’s economy. I have attended many business classes at my university and I do not think a single one has not mentioned the growth that is currently going on in your country and the impact it is having on you. Also, I would appreciate some feedback on the powerpoint on business in China and how accurate the information is from your point of view.
    Thank you and hope to hear from all of you!
    Kelsey Latham

  14. landryd7 says:

    I have a few questions for anyone who would like to answer:

    What would you say is the most important aspect to Chinese life?
    (example: religion, education, arts, business, government, family, food, etc)

    Do you experience all four seasons in China?

    What is one of the most popular/desired occupational fields in China?

    Are there any stereotypes about Americans in China?


  15. stbond says:

    Hello my name is Stefan Bond and although I didn’t do a project on your country, I am interested in hearing from a student from your country. A few things someone could comment on is maybe what being in school is like over there; do many student have close relation ships with there professors, is it a lot stricter than maybe a American school seems, and how is just being a college student in general. I hear a lot things about living in China, but i would be leave the information coming from a more accurate source such as some on like yourselves maybe experiencing the same type of things I a m being a sophomore in college and slowly getting out on my own.

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