Jamaica 2012

This is a website describing our experiences in Jamaica from March 17 – 24, 2012.  Here is a list of our participants, linked to their electronic portfolios reflecting on their experiences. 

A template for these eportfolios may be found at http://ecsujamaica2012.wordpress.com/ –

HPE 410 01: International Dimensions PE, instructor – Professor Darren Robert

1)   Brandon, Conal   Jon

2)   Dillon, Catherine   Elizabeth

3)   Hanrahan, Rachel  

4)   Johnson, Jessica  

5)   Landry, Leah   Mae

6)   Sniffin, Megan   Louise

Education 457 01:  International and CrossCultural Educational Experience, instructor – David Stoloff

7)   Belcher, Rebecca L.

8)   Chho, Sylvie

9)   Custis, Ra’Shaun F.

10)               Davis, Chamari D.

11)               DePaolis, Kimberly R.

12)               Lamarre, Alyse R.

13)               Lewis, Beth J.

14)               Rinaldi, Angela L.

15)               Slater, Suzanne M.

16)               Vann, Christina A.

17)               Wright, Nicole C.

Students whose enrollment in EDU 457 or HPE 410 is pending:

18)               Malcolm,Hannah R


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