First day in the Jamaican Schools Global Field Experience – January 5, 2013

(Each day will open with a song that one may play while reading the rest of the e-journal for the day. Each day should also have a slide show.

This is an appropriate song for the day

After a pre-tea, dates, and chocolate almonds meeting hosted by the Stoloffs at their home near Eastern, that includes special guests, the Malcolms from Middlefield, CT, the group left the Cervantes garage for JFK.  Expertly driven by Carlos and Jose, even with a Queens-confused GPS, the travelers safely arrived at JFK at 3:15 am.  After an hour of checking in and security, the group hurried up and waited for the flight that left around 7 am.

The JetBlue flight was comfortable, with nice seats and lots of snacks, water, and other beverages, and less than 4 hours – in which I dozed and watched The Campaign and Pitch Perfect. The students were so dozing as the plane began the landing pattern over Montego Bay and missed seeing Toby’s from the air.

The staff at Toby’s were very gracious welcoming me back home. Because the flight was early and security and customs only took 40 minutes, we did wait on the airport terminal curb for Paul Clayton. I was happy to learn that Paul was to be our driver for he had been a great tour captain in March 2011. The biggest change for me at Toby’s was that the Red Stripe sign on the overlooking hill had been replaced by a Keycard sign that glows in the night. (“Keycard is the first credit card introduced in Jamaica and is the only truly Jamaican credit card. Keycard is accepted at over 9000 merchant locations island wide.” It is sponsored by the National Commerce Bank, Jamaican Limited. – http://www.jncb.com/individuals/cards/creditcards/classickeycard .

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