Japan Studies Institute 2012 – Honolulu

May 21 –>

The Japan Studies Institute this May 20 – June 9, 2012 is being held at the Hawaii Tokai International College at 2241 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96826-4109.

I am planning to paste a music accompaniment to each of these pages so that one might listen to music while reading the story.

After a full day of travelling – thanks to Debbie for driving with me to Bradley at 4 am for a 6:30 flight to Newark, a 8:30 flight to LAX, and a 1 pm flight to Honolulu – I was met by John Carroll, a friend from our doctoral studies in Comparative and International Education at UCLA, who drove me to the Hawaii Tokai International College.  John is now a consultant in educational program development and assessment for the Hawai’i State Department of Education.

Nancy Hume and Joe Overton, long-time leaders of this program, met the 13 participants in the institute on the 19th floor, the college’s penthouse.  The Japan Studies Association, in connection with the Freeman Foundation, has been sponsoring these institutes for more than a decade, with its latter years being at Tokai.  Nancy sent her regards to Kris Jacobi, who had attended the institute in 2009, and had introduced me to this valuable opportunity.

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Most of the participants are housed on the 10th floor of the college building.  We have 2 or 3 beds in the room and have been asked to use only one of them.  Each room has a television set and a refrigerator and is pretty much like a motel room in other accommodations.

Our leaders gave us some funds to partially cover the travel – $500 – my ticket had cost more than $950 for the 13 hours of flying and 17 hours of travel.  (The trip did include 4 films, an in-flight Asian noodle lunch, and the reading of Paul Varley’s Japanese Culture and some preparatory files for the institute sessions on the laptop.  I also guess the mid-point trip for the trip from LAX to Honolulu – we left LAX at 10:17 am HAST Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HAST), at an average of 461 miles/hour, the length of the trip is 2295 miles, and there was a headwind of 10 miles/hour.  I guessed 12:48 and 36 seconds was to be the mid-point time;  the flight deck announced that it was 12:48 and 21 seconds and I was closest.  I won a Lonely Planet book on Hawai’i.)  We were also given a stipend check of $300 – the institute supplies breakfasts and lunches from Monday to Friday, but dinners and weekends are on our own.

There was a welcoming reception at 6 pm on the 19th floor.  We began to meet each other over Japanese and Hawaii’an beer, California wines, and Hawaii’an fruit juces, sushi, noodles, salad, chicken wings, fried wontons, strawberries, and raspberry cakes.  Nancy and Joe welcomed us with leis and a hug for opposite gender people.

After dinner, 5 of us walked to a Long’s Drug, which is connected to CVS  – I did it mostly for the walk and to get to know other participants.  I picked up a large tooth paste and a laundry liquid.  I’ve attached a map of this region of the city.

mapofWakiki 0512

mapofWakiki 0512

Back to room 1011, fell asleep before the television, and woke up at 10:45 pm HA standard time, which is 4:45 am EST, and worked on this page until 1 am.  Planning to walk to
Wakiki in the morning before breakfast.

If you have any questions about this website, please contact David Stoloff – stoloffd@easternct.edu .


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