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A version of the song sung at the end of the Lantern Ceremony –

Hawaii Aloha ~ Punahou School Class of 2005

This morning, due to blisters and the need to arrange to get my key card reset, it had demagnetized when it got too close to a refrigerator magnet, I didn’t go on a morning walk.  I did take photos from the 9th floor balcony.

In our nihongo class, Fujikawa-san and Anita led us through an auction of goods that we shared.  I contributed a refrigerator magnet from Jamaica that sold for $60, purchased by Carlos.  I bought a pair of socks, reported to have been worn by President Obama, for $1.  It was a good practice of numbers.

Nancy shared neosporin for my blisters.  I feel ready to take another hike this late afternoon.

Julie Iezzi, Asian Theater Director at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, led a discussion of no, kyengo, kabuki, bunrako, along with a history of its development and some key people that developed the art forms, including the women’s kabuki.  Women were banned from the theater in 1629 – to stop the mixing of the classes and because prostitution was recognized at the time.  Then there were a rise of adolescent boys’ kabuki and adult men’s kabuki;  men had to shave part of their hair as a symbol.  It seems that in kabuki the dancer, main character, does not speak; consistent with current symbols not speaking.

After speaking with Debbie, I went for a walk on the beach and to pick up bandaids and ointment for my blisters.  Here’s some scenes from Wakiki –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At 7 pm, Darin Miyashiro, Robert Herr, and Steve Casano presented on the koto and the shakuhachi.  They played the following notable pieces from the imperial orchestra –

Sakura “Cherry Blossoms”;Traditional Music of Japan, Classical Koto Music 日本の伝統音楽

and Hiroe Morikawa – Like A Bird  –

They explained the history and cultural importance of the instruments and providing an entertaining and relaxing evening.

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