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George Kahumoku Jr & Daniel Ho – “Lokomaika’i” (Amazing Grace) Slack Key Guitar & Piano

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I walked to Congregation Sof Ma’arav on Pali Highway in Nu’uana via President Obama’s grandparents’ home in Makiki and the cemeteries north of downtown Honolulu.

Sof Ma’arav takes its name from

Libi Bamizrach Va’anochi B’sof Ma’arav.   – My heart is in the East and I am in the uttermost West.   —Rabbi Yehuda Halevi, Poet & Philosopher in Tudela, Spain, 1075-1141

I arrived in time to join a study session on nazirim – those people who took a vow of dedication to the divine.  Samson in the Book of Judges was an example of a life-long nazir;  the story of an angel foretelling his birth followed the Torah reading on the laws of nazirim and the introduction of the priestly blessings.  The services were led by the community leaders – Dina, a Japanese language professor at the University of Hawai’i,  Ken, a professional cantor, Robert, a classics professor at UHawai’i, and a group of Torah readers.  The congregation rents the space from the Universalist Unitarian Church and make use of the former home’s living room, dining room, and kitchen from 9 am until about 1 pm each Saturday morning.  It was my second visit, so I was not mentioned as a visitor when the vice-president asked for announcements at the conclusion of the service.  I was wearing my aloha shirt so perhaps I fit in better than the previous week.  An oneg, reception and fellowship, followed the services.

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