JSI – May 24

<– May 23               Thursday, May 24                               May 25 —>

Walking on the beach to start the day and remove evil worries.

Light rain for moments

Soft sand and waves caressing

Tired voyager.

Here’s some music for a mellowing day.

Recommended by recent high school graduate and soccer star, Kevin Carroll,

Somewhere over the Rainbow – Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole

And here are the photos collected today –

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Fujikawa-Sensei taught us numbers and how to ask for telephone and room numbers.  She discussed the problems with certain numbers – 4, 42 years of age for men, 33 years of age for women and mentioned that I had told her about 18 and Chai being life.    Then she shared her memory book.  Early years in Yokohama – her father an isei from Hawai’i enlisted before that Sunday in 1941 but was interred before joining the 442 Nisei battalion and losing many of his friends at the Battle of Lost Battalion.   General MacArthur asked him, a civil engineer, to continue in the service in Yokohama and be charged of housing of the occupation forces.  The family later served in KrungThep (the royal district of Bangkok).  Fujikawa-Sensei was also a Peace Corps volunteer in Korea working to develop infrastructure to manufacture kim chi pots and was a Fulbright scholar in Bulgaria.  Fujiwara-Sensei said that tomorrow was the anniversary of her father’s death; he is buried in the punchbowl, a military cemetry in a crater overlooking Honolulu.

We moved to a small lecture hall for presentations by Professor Willa Tanabe, art historian.  Her first presentation was on the evolution of Japanese art, on scrolls and printing, that foreshadowed the growth of manga.  Lien Fan is a manga expert and enhanced the discussion.  In the afternoon, Professor Tanabe overviewed the domestic, plastic arts movements and the influence of Zen Buddhism on visual representation in Japan.  We ended the day with a film on Kabuki and puppetry in Japan.

John Caroll and Narcis, another soccer dad from Long Beach Polytechnic class of 1978, and I visited the watering hole at the diner near the Hilton and then John picked up Kevin, recent high school graduate from his soccer practice in the field near Tokai.  John and Kevin then took us to Safeway for dinner and we went to their home, had a few moments with a very tired Marissa, and relaxed for awhile talking about Buddhism, the future of desire, old times, and new ideas.  Kevin was going to a party near the Tokai and dropped me off.

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