JSI-May 25

<–May 24                   Friday, May 25, 2012                             May 26-27 – weekend –>

Music for this last day of study this week, recommended by Paula –

The day started with a walk to the public beach of ala moana beach park.

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Fujikawa-Sensei invited one of her Nihongo language students, Anita, a Chinese speaker who had been an airline attendant and had business sales training, to join us in a social hour when we listed what we had learned this week by table and then tried to make small town in Japanese over rice cakes.  She also shared potential activities for the weekend.

Our next speaker was Masatoshi Honda, Ph. D., an associate professor of Japanese Politics at National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) in Tokyo. He led a discussion on contemporary politics and government in Japan’s Diet.  He joked that he has been leading this discussion for about 8 years at these Freeman Institute and every year it seems that there is a new prime minister, noting that the current Democrative Party of Japan led government may fall any day now. 

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