JSI-Memorial Day

<– Weekend                                                                                       May 29 —>

Memorial Day 2012

Video of Memorial Day 2011 lantern ceremony

Arno Elias’ “Star Of Hirma”

Scenes from the day – morning walk in the community garden, lantern launching on Ala Moana Beach – Treasure Island.

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After a short morning walk to the community garden on the canal nearby, I joined the group for a boxed breakfast – the cafeteria being closed today due to Memorial Day.

This morning Fujikawa-Sensei led a review of numbers using a group rally on counting, then taught language for shopping.  Linda, the visitor from last Friday, came to assist, as did another friend and her daughter, offering us opportunities to introduce ourselves.  We are preparing to have an auction and were asked to bring in items for sale.  I have developed a packet of diverse souvenirs including herbal tea packages, a refrigerator magnet from Jamaica – which easily erased the code on my room key, and an ECSU pen and pencil set.

The next sessions were lead by Patricia G. Steinhoff, University of Hawaii, on the sociology of Japan – the corporate society and relationships between individuals and teams.  In the morning, she explained the nature of work – with large companies providing loyalty to managers but finding suppliers being expendable, office ladies, and the all-emcompassing life of a male on a corporate team and females as home support.  In the afternoon, she explained how teams are socialized in the business world, the amae relationship of nurturing and loyalty, tatemae – public face – and honne – personal reasons.

This latter dual positioning led to a story on her research with a Japanese Red Army terrorist who was among the 3 who attacked passengers at Ben Gurion Airport in 1972.  To gain access to interview him, she spoke with his family, who publicly apologized for his mis-education and privately blamed the university and youth culture.

Dr. Steinhoff and I spoke briefly about Hawai’ians who became citizenship in Japan and then promoted Hawai’ian culture there – including aloha music and hula dancing.  At the end of the day, we talked about our research she had done on the Japanese Red Army, including her interviews with a women leader of the group.

Paula, Sara, and I went down to Ala Moana Beach for the lantern launching ceremony, honoring the ancestors.  Lanterns were floated at sunset, following prayers by Hawai’ian and Buddhist leaders, and singers and dancers.  I sent the ceremony in the water, soaking my blistered feat.  I missed a call from John Carroll who had walked over from Kevin’s practice.  After the ceremony, Sara, Paula, and I walked over to Wailana Restaurant, where John, Narcis, and I had happy hour last week, and had a fine dinner, including a couple of Mai Tais that grew in strength over time.

Let’s see how long this site will be active – http://www.nonstophonolulu.com/blogs/pics-lantern-floating-hawaii-2012/.

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