March 2012 itinerary

Planning itinerary for March 17 – 24, 2012 – Montego Bay and beyond

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Saturday, March 17 – to Montego Bay

12 AM (midnight) – meeting at parking garage with pick-ups at Laurel Hall, Noble Hall, and Bridgeport – to JFK –

AIRLINE FLlGHT#  DATE  FROM                DEPARTURE       TO                 ARRIVAL
Jet Blue      781        17-Mar New York (JFK) 8:00a        Montego Bay (MBJ) 11:09a

Be careful about daylight savings time – Jamaica doesn’t change its clocks.

Arriving at Toby’s Resort around 12:30 pm.

location –
We are located approximately a mile from the Donald Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. The hotel is at the beginning of the “Hip Strip”, at the corner of Kent Avenue and Sunset Boulevard.  The Doctor’s Cave and Cornwall Beach are just a few minutes stroll away, with the ever-popular Margueritaville , Brewery and Coral Cliff just about ten minutes walk away.  Duty free and local shopping just half a block away.  Activities, such as,  tennis courts, golf , horseback riding and water sports nearby.

Mailing Address
1 Kent Avenue, Po Box 467, Montego Bay, Jamaica
USA Toll Free: 1-888-790-5264
UK Toll Free: 00-800-7297-2900
Phone: 876-952-4370 & 952-6636
Fax: 876-952-6591

collecting passports, tour of the Hip Strip, perhaps lunch at Fish Restaurant

St. Patrick’s Day mass at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral –

3 Fort Street, PO Box 197, Montego Bay, Jamaica, WI, Tel: (876) 952-2481

dinner at Tobys with Professor Wolf’s social workers

open evening – Hip Strip in groups – Twisted Kilt for St. Pat’s evening

Sunday, March 18

a day of touring, perhaps to Dunn River’s Falls and Ocho Rios – 2 hours away

Monday, March 19

6 am breakfast, 6:30 am bus to Bethel Primary and Junior High School, 7:30 am – 5 pm – assisting at school, ,  telephone numbers – 956-5392,  956- 5905,  575 – 6551,

perhaps Coral Cliff for karaoke

Tuesday, March 20

6 am breakfast, 6:30 am bus to Bethel Primary and Junior High School, 7:30 am – 4 pm – assisting at school

5- 8 pm – visit to Sam Sharpe Teachers College – Constance Bogle <> – 876 450 8277

Wednesday, March 21

6 am breakfast, 6:30 am bus to Bethel Primary and Junior High School, 7:30 am – 5 pm – assisting at school

relaxing at Tobys, hip strip

Thursday, March 22

Negril with stops

at Hopewell High School – Mrs. Irving, Principal, Hopewell High School,, (876) 956-5175

at Rusea High School??  Mrs. Lynch’s cell phone – 876-477-9553.

Rick’s for dinner, Margaritaville for ladies’ night?

Friday, March 23

St. James High School, Montego Bay – Mr. Philip Johnson – telephone# 876-892-8242

510-629-2342 – US majic jack number,

Phillip Johnson ‎[ ]‎,

shopping for souvenirs

Saturday, March 24 – returning to Connecticut

breakfast at Toby’s, to airport at 9 am


Jet Blue 782 24-Mar Montego Bay (MBJ) 12:16p New York (JFK) 5:00p

pick-up by vans around 7 pm, dinner on Rockaway Blvd.


One Response to March 2012 itinerary

  1. malpals336 says:

    Greatest experience of my life! Thank you Dr. Stoloff and Dr. Robert for putting it all together. We really had a great time. Although I have only been in college for two short years, I know it’s going to be every hard to compare any other class, in terms of hands on experience, to what i learned in such a short week. I’m already looking forward to going back in January and I hope you are too! AH YUH SO NICE

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