Names are cultural indicators.  Here are some sites on can use to explore the meaning of names.

Campbell, Mike (2011).  Behind the Name.  Retrieved from

Abbatomarco, Matthew D. – gift of YAHWEH“.
Barone, Samantha – Perhaps intended to be a feminine form of SAMUEL,
Baxter, Evan J.
Boschetto, Alan R.
Calzone, Daniel F.
Danforth, Christopher R.
Driscoll, Taylor N.
Fajardo, Diana
Gorman, Mackenzie L.
Graff, Alanna M.
Guggenheim, Kelsey E.
Hill, Nicolle D.
Jordan, Philip J.
Lamarre, Danielle
Mazzatti, Christina M.
Pascarella, Allessia –

Ramos, Jonathan M.
Sokoloski, Katherine A.
Steinmetz, Holly J.
Targansky, Alexandra N. –

Twarog, Katie-Lynne M.
Violette, Carley M.
Wallace, Quiana
Wieloch, Brittny M. –


Zarcaro, Elise M. –


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