Spain – Catalonia – Vic

Sara – Behavioral disabilities in Catalonia, Spain

Niketa – Art in Catalonia

Kelsey – Business in Catalonia

Nicole – Fashion in Catalonia

Stephanie – Food in Catalonia

Annemarie – Architecture in Catalonia

Sarah – Music in Catalonia

Brittany – Theater in Catalonia

Chelsea B. – Gaudi and Art


5 Responses to Spain – Catalonia – Vic

  1. I love the Food in Catalonia powerpoint! Some of the food sounds yummy! Love the color theme!

  2. chelseajoy says:

    Did you guys like the powerpoints that we made?

  3. Niketa Mehta says:


    Did anyone like the powerpoint on the artists of Catalonia. I would appreciate your response.


  4. Dear Participants in International and CrossCultural Education, Eastern Connecticut State University:

    Thank you for participating in this international discussion. Our semester at Eastern CSU is heading to its closing so this class will not be using this blogspace for discussion much after May 11, 2011. We hope to have another class interested in international discussions starting during summer 2011.

    We have enjoyed the online discussion and getting to know you. I am thinking that an even more direct way to support an international discussion would be to use FaceBook. Would that work for you?

    I have developed a FaceBook group called International and CrossCultural Education, Eastern CSU at!/home.php?sk=group_206409209382175

    Please consider joining that group and continuing the discussion with this spring 2011 class. There should be another class in the summer for further discussions.

    We hope to hear from you again soon.

    David Stoloff, Professor, Education
    Eastern Connecticut State University

  5. lathamkelsey says:

    My name is Kelsey Latham and I am very interested to get the catalonia perspective on how you feel about your country’s economy. I would love to hear your opinion on what is currently going on in your country and the impact it is having on you. Also, I would appreciate some feedback on the powerpoint on business in Catalonia and how accurate the information is from your point of view.
    Thank you and hope to hear from all of you!

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