In our visit to the schools, we will be making use of instructional supplies while working with the students.  Please feel free to purchase the supplies you think you will need between $20 and $50.  

Requested supplies for Bethel School

Adjustable Three Hole Punch 
Large staple gun – Conal – with staples  
Colouring books 
Play dough – Dr. Robert  
Paper scissors –  
Simple pulley machines 
Model of the teeth 
Pencils – Alyse
Bathroom scales 
kitchen scales 
Staple machines 
White board markers 
Permanent  markers – Alyse
Masking tapes – Alyse
Typing sheets 
Tape recorders 
Alphabet letters 
Model of the skeleton 
Flash cards {different subject areas} 
Glitter – Alyse
Portable DVD players 
Learning DVD eg. shapes, colours  


By replying to this message, please let us know  what you are planning to purchase and we will modify this list so that we don’t have too much of one item.

Please keep the receipts and Dr. Stoloff will reimburse you at the airport.



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